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6 Easy and Effective Tips to Learn New Languages Quickly

Learning another language is a valuable skill, one that could boost your brain and even your salary. Studies have proved that speaking two or more languages not only aids cognitive development, but also helps make individuals smarter and more decisive. A few basic tricks can ease the learning process and even make it fun! The following tips might just make it simpler for you to learn new languages quickly.

  • Commitment: It is essential that you stay fully committed to learning a new language. During the learning process, you may make mistakes or find yourself in embarrassing situations due to ambiguity and miscommunication. The key is to always remain one hundred percent committed to attaining this new skill.
  • Converse: The best way to learn a new language is by conversing with individuals who are better at it than you. You can quickly start inserting freshly learnt words into sentences through dialogue.
  • Language Buddy: A buddy doesn’t only help in the much-needed push and pull of conversation, but also motivates and inspires you to learn quickly. Conversing with someone is a necessary part of the learning process and helps make your language use more natural. You will learn faster together!
  • Monologues: Start thinking in the new language. Thoughts translate into words and words into sentences. Think of a topic; it could be anything, your job, hobbies or friends, and talk about it to yourself i.e. in your mind. The more you practise, the more you’ll start to think in your new language! Thinking up fake conversations in your mind will better equip you to say them out loud in real-time scenarios.
  • Make Learning Fun: To learn new languages quickly it’s important to enjoy learning them. You can enact a play in the new language, read foreign language newspapers or watch a television show, foreign film, play or event.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: All your learning tools will be ineffective if you don’t practise daily. Include them in your daily activities while talking, singing, sending mails, or even while ordering your favourite pizza! It’s only when you submerge yourself in the world of the new language that it becomes as easy as your first language.

Whether it’s two or nine languages you want to learn, the tips for making the exercise easier remain the same. As we now live in a global village, any opportunity which allows you to use your new language skills - studying, using a new language as part of your job, travelling or even marriage – can help you to step out of your native geographical or socio-cultural comfort zone. Learning a new language is a fabulous way to discover new cultures and develop long-term friendships with new people.

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