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Teaching English for Academic Purposes - Course detail

The Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) course aims to provide teachers with the skills and knowledge required to develop the academic English skills of their learners.

Who is the course suitable for?

  • Individuals interested in a career in Teaching English for Academic Purposes who have no experience
  • Teachers who are interested in developing themselves professionally in the area of teaching English for academic purposes at a secondary or tertiary level

What are the entry requirements?

To be registered as a trainee on the TEAP course you need to fulfil all of the requirements below:

  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • First language proficiency in English
  • Minimum of a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
  • A professional teaching qualification (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or PGCE)
  • A degree is highly recommended

What are the aims and objectives of the course?

On completion of the course, candidates will:

  • Have an understanding of current approaches and methods in Teaching English for Academic Purposes
  • Have developed a range of teaching techniques and skills in English for academic purposes
  • Be familiar with key principles in English for Academic purposes course materials and design
  • Have developed skills to evaluate a range of published English for Academic Purposes materials
  • Be familiar with cross-cultural and inter-cultural issues in English for Academic purposes
  • Be familiar with the requirements of Academic English examining bodies and other related language tests and examinations
  • Be familiar with professional development opportunities

How is the course structured?

In the input sessions, our trained and experienced teacher trainers will cover theoretical aspects of the course, such as characteristics and needs related to English for academic purposes, teaching methodology and the basic principles of academic teaching and learning. The practical component provides trainees with the opportunity to plan and present activities, lessons and projects on teaching English for academic purposes. These practical sessions are observed by an experienced trainer who provides constructive feedback and helps you to develop your academic English teaching skills.

What approach is used?

The Teaching English for Academic Purposes course approach involves participatory learning, where trainees are very much involved in the learning and teaching process. Most input sessions will focus on trainees discovering new concepts and information about teaching English for academic purposes through discussions, research, projects, activities and presentations. Trainees will also be involved in several tasks either in groups or pairs. Trainees are required to contribute to their groups by sharing and completing duties, since tasks will be assessed. Trainees will be provided with a textbook and will be expected to prepare for the next day’s sessions by reading the chapters assigned for homework. The textbook should be used for revision and to assist with the completion of projects and assignments.

What will the course include?

  1. Approaches and methods used in teaching English for academic purposes
  2. Language acquisition
  3. English for academic purposes
  4. Discourse and genre analysis
  5. Dealing with content in the English for Academic Purposes classroom
    • Academic writing
    • Reading
    • Lectures
    • Note-taking
    • Presentations
    • Research skills
  6. Student difficulties
    • Academic writing
    • Reading
    • Lectures
    • Note-taking
    • Presentations
    • Research skills
  7. Teaching study skills
  8. Teaching writing skills
  9. Teaching reading skills
  10. Teaching presentation skills
  11. Materials evaluation and design
  12. Cross-cultural and inter-cultural dimensions
  13. Placement, diagnostic, progress and achievement testing
  14. Course design, including syllabus design and resourcing

How long is the course?

The Teaching English for Academic Purposes course is a 40-hour contact course which includes observed and assessed teaching practice. The classes are held three evenings per week, running over a period of four weeks.

What are the methods of assessment?

Assessment is continuous and there is no final exam. Trainees are assessed on their practical teaching as well as a portfolio of evidence. You are required to build and submit a portfolio of evidence for assessment which will contain assignments, completed projects, micro-teaching evidence and teaching practice lessons. Participation and attendance is also considered as a major part of assessment, since you will be required to participate in several tasks, activities and presentations, either in groups or individually, throughout the course.

What certification is issued?

On successful completion of the course, trainees will receive a Certificate of Competence in Teaching English for Academic Purposes from Wits Language School.

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