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Learn South African Sign Language (SASL) at Wits Language School in Johannesburg

Wits Language School aims to provide the South African community with accessible services and a future of equal and accessible education. More and more hearing South Africans are learning sign language to improve relationships between hearing and Deaf people nationally and internationally.

SASL is a valuable language. South Africa needs more people who are fluent users of SASL and have an appreciation of Deaf Culture. SASL is a complete language with its own grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. Like any language SASL is potentially capable of communicating on infinite number of ideas. It is not a variety of mime, nor it is a manual code for English. Many people who are unfamiliar with signed languages assume that there is a single universal sign language used by deaf people all over the world. Although many signed languages share similar origins (as do many spoken languages) each is a district, natural that evolves with time to meet the needs of the populations that use it. However Deaf people who are experienced users of their own language are probably more likely to be able to communicate with users of other signed languages than those who are not, because such features as grammatical constructions are often shared between signed languages.

All South African Sign Language courses are coordinated by a Deaf person, who organises and manages the course, and facilitates communication and training of the Deaf Sign Language Instructors.

The aim of the sign language course is to teach learners to communicate and understand Deaf and Hard of Hearing people through the use of Sign Language.

Contact Us today and learn South African Sign Language!

Why Learn South African Sign Language?

There is a wide variety of contributions being made world-wide to reduce the barriers to communication with members of the Deaf Community:

  • involving Deaf people in conversations rather than isolating them;
  • incorporating the use of Sign Language interpreters or speech-to-text reporters to include Deaf people and promote inclusivity in the workplace;
  • educating the public to improve communication with Deaf people so that they stop believing in myths such as shouting louder in order to be understood.

Our contribution at the Wits Language School is to advance Sign Language literacy through quality Sign Language training.  Through this training you will learn to communicate with customers and colleagues who are Deaf.  South African Sign Language is probably our oldest indigenous language, and is the most basic human right of the Deaf Community. It has become widely recognised and protected in various legislative and governmental policies (and is even acknowledged as a language equal in status to the 11 official languages in the country).

Whether you want to learn South African Sign Language to enhance your career or for personal enrichment, Wits Language School is your language school of choice. Contact us today!

 Learn South African Sign Language

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