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English as a Foreign Language - Testimonials

Testimonials from level 6 students More testimonials
'I’ve been learning English at Wits Language School for 5 months and it’s a great opportunity to get to know a lot of different people and cultures. The staff is very kind and helpful and the teachers are excellent. The course is well structured and it focuses on speaking, writing, listening, vocabulary and grammar, which makes you improve your English signicantly. Wits language school provides you with the tools to enjoy your studying experience!'

Silva Martins, Venezuela

'I really enjoy studying at Wits language because it provides all the stuff I need to improve any English. What's more, I can learn very well because I can study and have a good time in class with excellent and enjoyable teachers. Furthermore, what I like more at Wits language is the great opportunity to make friends who come from around the world. Its really amaizing for one because it has made me study hard to understand different accents and as a result since I started studying here any English has been getting better and stronger.'


'Been studying at WLS for two months, I’ve met lots of people who come from different countries. Each of them has different cultures, we’ve shared our life experiences and food sometimes - food, to make us understand and learn to respect each other’s culture. In the class, we learned a lot of English grammar and vocab in English and had interesting discussions in most of the time. What I enjoyed most was the movie that we saw every week, there were comedy, romantic and many kind of films. You won't get the enjoyments if you havent studied here.'


'For me Wits language school is a school where I could learn the best English because here you can find peole who are really prepared to teach. In addition, WLS has a good staff to help you with whatever you need. WLS is a great opportunity for those who want to learn English. If you are thinking of learn English I would like to indicate WLS because it is the best course I’ve known in all my life. If you chose WLS I hope you enjoy it. '


'First of all, I’d say that WLS school is a very good school to learn English at and since I started studying at this school my English has improved a lot. Furthermore, WLS is the first school I’ve ever been to where I’ve met (can find) a lot of people from different countries which is good, because you have a great opportunite to learn more about different cultures.'

Castro Jamie da Cruz

'People 2 staff and teachers are very nice people even the cleaners are good people they do respect people and eager to help at any time patiently. All are punctual. Time which is given to each course is reasonable, so students dont feel bored. Books contain different items from deeferat parts of the world so you gain extra anformation about culture of other people in differat parts of the world. Really you feel at home with your family. I recommend others for the afternoon activities (a different accent).'


'Wits language school is a really nice school. It can help each person to improve English. There are six levels at wits, each level ha good teacher, quiet classroom, different activities. Every class only has a few students, so the teachers have enough time to care each student.
After lessons, we have afternoon activities. We have test about listening, writing, grammar, speaking,reading and vocabulary. Each kind of test can test each part of your English. Teachers make plans for us before we start each course. It helps us to arrange our time logically.
We have reports or certificates after each course. So, we can see which part of English we should study hardly. We have a feedback in each course, you can give some suggestion students to wits. Welcome to Wits! It’s a the right way to study English!'

Charlene Zhang

'I like studying at Wits language School because I have improved my English. First when I came to South Africa I didn’t speak English, that why it was difficult to make friends and go to some places. Now my life have has changed completely. I have a lot of friends here, all of us have different mother tongues, as a result, we must speak in English to understand each other. Now, I’m in level 6, I’m going to finish my course. I will miss everybody because I have made a lot of friends. I just want tosay thank you for to all teachers and workers at Wits language school because after this course im going to start a new life speaking English, I really enjoy study in here. '


'The thing that I really like at WLS is the friendship. Being a WLS student gives you a great oputinity to meet lots of students from all over the world, so you can build strong friendships. In my opinion, WLS teachers are absolutely awesome. Most of the time I didn’t realize how the time passed during the lessons I think I should say that It was a pleasure to meet them. Thanks for their passion.'

Eren Adak

'It’s a beautiful place to study, which is attached to the Wits University. We have got a computer lab, which is quite convenience for international students to search for information and read news.
When I first came to Wits language School, the staff at the reception made a good impression on me, who are passionate and patient to answer every question that I asked, in addition, Trish is responsible as well, everytime when I come across some difficulties, e.g: my visa has expired, consultation about how to apply for my postgraduate course, help my Chinese friend used to be in level 1 to find a proper language school, etc.
In class, teachers try to amuse every student, which makes our class more active and funny. Furthermore, we also interact, which is often accompanied by playing games, (30 seconds, 20 questions, etc). I’m delighted to say that teachers at Wits language are tremendously excellent, full of humour, enthusiasm and patience. Last but not least, it provides the free afternoon activities from 1: 30- 3:00 as well, which is helpful and useful to improve your language as quickly as possible! '

Renita: China

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