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English as a Foreign Language - Testimonials

Testimonials from level 1 students More testimonials
'Wits language school is nice my tacher always smile for students in the classroom. Thanks.'

Lina Torres Vieira

' Wits language school is big and has very good people. My class is nicely for teacher is very cliva.'

Ana Milena Torres Vieira

'At wits language school we have a will class and a beautiful teacher. '


'I am ecstatic to learn that both my daughters are progressing very well with the English classes. I got surprised myself last week when I tried to converse in English with both Sara and Denise. I was delighted to hear them responding to me in English and surprised to see how much they have accomplished in about 8 months! I remember when they first got to the WLS, they did not speak any English at all. I am really happy that they are learning English so fast! Best Regards.'

Sebastian, Father

EFL Resources

EduSA - the national association of quality English language centres in South Africa. Members of EduSA must meet guaranteed minimum standards of professionalism and quality.

SAYTC - the South African Youth Travel Confederation. SAYTC markets South Africa globally as a preferred youth tourism destination. All members are accredited and must follow SAYTC guidelines.