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Quality voice-over and transcription services from WITStranslate in Johannesburg, South Africa

WITStranslate provides a professional multilingual voiceover service in over 15 languages. If you need voice-over artists for radio or TV in any South African language, any major European language, or Arabic and Mandarin, contact us!

We specialise in project managing jobs for multiple languages, and can assist you in preparing a script, translating it into several languages (voice-over artists are not translators), and scheduling voice-over artists.

Multilingual voice-overs can help you reach a much larger audience. Professional mother tongue voice-over artists will re-create your message in your language of choice. This ensures that every detail is pronounced correctly, and that all the subtle nuances of the language are correctly interpreted. Make sure your foreign language voice track is delivered with the proper accent, diction and tone.

Do you need a reliable transcription service?

WITStranslate’s transcribers can provide you with a fast, reliable service in multiple languages for any taped meetings, interviews, phone calls, video surveillance, foreign TV channels and any other audio recording.

So if you need a good transcriber for your research focus group, a medical transcription or a legal transcription, contact us!

Voice over services

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Voice-overs and transcription services
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  • Preparing scripts
  • Translating scripts
  • Transcribers

Voice-overs and transcription services

WITStranslate - Wits Language School's professional translation and interpreting services agency
Wits Language School's professional translation and interpreting services agency

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