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English - Spanish translation services from WITStranslate in Johannesburg, South Africa

Wits Language School offers full translation and interpreting services in Spanish. We work with a network of highly qualified translators and interpreters to cater for all your professional language needs. We source the right translator for you, depending on whether your translation is destined for Spain or South America.

All of our translators have extensive experience and are subject to rigorous quality control procedures. Most have postgraduate qualifications in translation and/or interpreting or language editing. If you are looking for a reputable translation company that offers quality translations at an affordable price, then contact Wits Language School today! Fill in the Contact Us form on this page, and we'll get back to as soon as possible!

Stay away from free Spanish translation services

There are many free translation services offered on the internet. These free services miss the subtle nuances of a language resulting in a translation that is often incorrect. If you want your business represented professionally, then you need to make sure that the correct grammar has been used and that the wording is appropriate once translated. Do yourself a favour. Select a paragraph in English, and translate to Spanish using GoogleTranslate. Then use GoogleTranslate to translate it back to English. You’ll be shocked at what you get!

If you want a professional translation then you need an experienced translator skilled in the language to proofread the translation and make sure that it is translated accurately, that the correct grammar has been used and that wording appropriate to that language has been selected. if you have a very long document that requires several translators to work on it at once to deliver on time using consistent terminology, make use of WITStranslate’s project management services.

At Wits Language School, we make sure that the right person is sourced for the job – from a financial or legal translator to a business writer! Don't lose a deal because of poor translation. Contact Wits Language School today!

English-Spanish translations

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Spanish English Translation Services


  • General documents
  • Financial documents
  • Legal (sworn) contracts
  • Technical manuals
  • Marketing material
  • Software and websites


WITStranslate - Wits Language School's professional translation and interpreting services agency
Wits Language School's professional translation and interpreting services agency

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