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Aspire for gold - Grow, Overcome, Learn and Develop

While browsing through the Wits Language School website, you clicked on ‘English as a foreign language’ and landed on our ‘golden’ page.

Welcome to EFL, the language unit that creates golden opportunities. We’re located in Johannesburg, the “City of Gold”. The city is referred to as “Egoli” by the locals – this means “place of gold” in Zulu. We work hard to make the unit worth its weight in gold, and we want students to aspire to greatness and to aim for gold!

What are some of the ways we do this? Our courses are aligned with the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) which is based on the Common European Framework for language learning. Our courses lead to English competence in Cambridge exams such as the FCE and CAE. Our intensive teaching method gets you results quickly. We offer additional activities to explore the city of gold and practise English in real-life situations. Our instructors and staff are helpful and friendly. And we have state of the art computer facilities for technology enhanced lessons with your instructors as well as for additional independent practice.

At Wits Language School’s EFL unit, you can aspire for gold and Grow, Overcome, Learn and Develop with us!