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Learn to speak English at Wits Language School!

When you study at Wits Language School you will enjoy the following:

  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Interactive learning
  • Modern classrooms
  • A safe environment

You will also meet other people from around the world.  Many new friendships are made in the classrooms and in the canteen, during breaks. Our excellent teachers make sure that you progress at a good pace, but they also make sure you have fun while learning.

“I love Wits Language School for the experience it gives students.” – Jenovic (Elementary student)

“I love Wits Language School because I saw a different countries people.” – Eskedar (Elementary student)

“Wits Language is very interesting school. You are learning with lot of fun. Their teachers are amazing. They know how to keep you busy and to work with each student with their problems particularly. You never feel bored at Wits Languages School – Lina (Pre-intermediate student)

“The Wits Language School is great for me because I can talk to many people from different countries, so I win knowledge about different cultures. I love it!” – Márcia (Pre-intermediate student)

“My experience at Wits Language School is great in general. The teachers are good and very kind and all the people who works here. I like South Africa – is a very nice country and have beautiful people who got such a good heart.  I’m still enjoying my journey to Wits Language School in South Africa.” – Kadima (Intermediate student)

“I’ve been at Wits Language School since level 2. Now I’m in level 5. I’ve learnt a lot of grammar and vocabulary. I improved my speaking, writing and listening. When I have a problem about my class or my English my teachers help to solve the problem.  Also, I’ve met a lot of good people during the course. I’m happy to be here.” – Fatih (Upper Intermediate student)

Find out more about learning to speak English at Wits Language School.