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Safety on campus Wits Language School

Wits Language School is one of the top language schools in South Africa offering modern facilities to help students thrive and learn successfully. Our campus is secure and safe, and promotes a dynamic, friendly and protected learning environment. The safety and security of our students is very important to us, and the University has put a number of processes in place to reduce any future incidents on campus.

The University is responsible for making sure that all its students are safe. Violent protests are not acceptable, and students that are involved in such protests will be suspended and not allowed back onto campus. The campus is a “firearm free zone” which means that the University does not allow firearms on campus. Action will be taken against any student that is involved in an act of violence, as stated in the University’s rules, policies and procedures. The University also has a close working relationship with the Johannesburg Metro Police.

The University has 24 hour CCTV coverage and security officers patrol the whole campus 24 hours a day. Students need to show their student ICAM cards when entering the University. Visitors are given a visitor’s pass at all the University gates. This system helps our security officers monitor who comes in and out of the University. The University’s fire detection systems have also been improved and upgraded so that fires can be easily detected. Evacuation officers have been specially trained to help all students in the case of a fire.

Wits Language School would like to welcome all our prospective students to study in our safe and secure environment, and to enjoy a true South African experience at our campus.