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Great news stories from Wits!

There have been some great news stories from Wits in the media in the last few weeks, which we would like to highlight to staff and students. You can read more about these stories in the Wits Weekly later today or visit the Wits website for details.

  • Wits is tops in Africa according to the Shanghai international research rankings. This is a result of Wits’ tremendous research output which has catapulted in the last three years. Read more
  • A consortium led by Wits was awarded R60 million over three years for the establishment of a national e-science teaching and training platform as part of a national strategy focusing on cyber infrastructure. This facility is intended to lead the development of suitable curricula and pedagogic interventions to advance the training of postgraduate students in the rapidly developing cross-discipline of e-science.
  • Professor Imraan Valodia, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management, will chair a commission advise on an appropriate level at which the national minimum wage could be set.
  • Professor Jill Adler from Maths Education was recently appointed as president of a leading international maths research organisation with 94 member countries.
  • Dr Musa Manzi from the School of Geosciences won the international Earth and Oceans science award from the world's largest organisation of Earth and space scientists.
  • Several research stories trended locally and internationally in recent weeks including the Cancer on a palaeo diet story on the CNN home page, the More gorilla than chimp story that trended on the AAAS International Home Page and several others. Read more research news and general news on the Wits website.
  • Wits’ academics, students and researchers participated in a range of debates, media interviews and events during the local government elections. You can view some of their opinion pieces, vodcasts and predictions here.
  • There were many awards involving staff members and students which will be put up on a Roll of Honour page on the Wits website shortly. This includes finalists in the Women in Science Awards (Prof. Lyn Wadley and Nicole de Wet), Prof. Jyoti Mistry from the Wits School of Arts winning the International Association of Film and Television Schools 2016 Teaching Award and Dr Brett Pyper, Head of the Wits School of Arts being selected as the 2016 recipient of Emory University's Sheth Distinguished International Alumni Award. Dr Maxwell Kadenge from Linguistics also received the African Language Association of Southern Africa award for the most outstanding article in linguistics for 2015.
  • Wits partnered with UN Women, Oxfam and others to explore how to make economies work for women in the south. Ms Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the Executive Director of UN Women, Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Habib and others discussed the experiences of women working in the informal sector, gender differences in pay and working conditions and the impact of the care economy on women’s time and opportunities, amongst other issues. Read more

There are several events at Wits every day – the Silent Protest today, the Fak’ugesi Festival, inaugural lectures, public events and conferences amongst others.

Keep up to date at www.wits.ac.za