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Quick Facts

Youth day

Youth Day in South Africa commemorates the Soweto Uprising that transpired in the country on 16 June 1976. The day is celebrated every year in remembrance of the youth who stood up for their rights and for those that perished on the day. 

The series of protests led by students, were in response to the introduction of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in local schools. Afrikaans was largely seen by people as the "language of the oppressor" and it resulted in growing hostility in teachers as well as students. Although the protests were intended to be peaceful, riots erupted all over the place and hundreds of students were killed during the protests. Although this youth revolution did not see the taking back of the language order instantly, it did see a turning point in South Africa's liberation campaign which ultimately saw the downfall of the apartheid government.

We in South Africa are privileged to now have language diversity. Thank you to the brave students who fought for what they believed in. Happy Youth Day South Africa

Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day is celebrated globally and the most popular wish associated with the occasion is of course, "Happy Father's Day". See if you can identify the translation of the phrase according to different languages.  

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Language Translation
Afrikaans Gelukkige Vadersdag
IsiZulu Usuku lobaba oluhle OR Usuku lobaba olumnandi
French Bonne fête des pères
Spanish Feliz día del Padre
Portuguese Feliz dia dos pais

Tongue Twister

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