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English for Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an important skill that provides you with the ability to take information and synthesize it and communicate your ideas succinctly both verbally and written. Although it’s a salient part of business and academic success, it’s rarely taught at school unless it’s part of a math, science, or business curriculum. 

Our English for Critical thinking course examines the bases of critical thinking and analysis in business and how it can enhance work processes through acquiring knowledge, improving theories and strengthening arguments. We discuss the role and contribution of critical thinking in a range of social and business contexts and how engaging in reflective and independent thinking enables you to systematically improve your decision-making, problem-solving and taking appropriate action. Further, as part of the process, critical thinkers reflect on the situation, after executing their plan, to determine if it was effective and if it could have been done better. 

The classes require students to understand, analyse and produce effective arguments and responses in spoken and written forms, appropriate to the tasks. Specific topics include: recognising and differentiating between different types of arguments; fallacies and biases that influence critical thinking; the role of language in facilitating effective critical thinking; tools for analysing and evaluating arguments; and, different forms of logic and reasoning. 

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