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Communication for Professional Development Book Club launch: A real page – turner!

Wits Language School’s Communication for Professional Development (CPD) unit launched its Book Club on Saturday, 2 April 2016 with great success. 

Book Club is one of several engaging and fun afternoon activities offered to our students who complete English courses with the unit. CPD unit coordinator, Lambrine Pavlou, said that the aim of Book Club is not only to provide an additional platform for students to practise their English skills, but also to instill a reading tradition and emphasised that the unit’s slogan, “Changing lives, opening doors” was akin to the themes found in the club’s first book, Infinite Grace.

It was our privilege to host the author of the book, Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame, who addressed our students on what inspired her to write the book.

Yvonne, who has 28 years of experience as a media leader, manager and specialist in local and international print publishing and public broadcast, survived a double stroke caused by a large glomus tumour. Her book tells the remarkable and inspirational story of how she had to rebuild her life through divine energy following her stroke. She recounted the events that followed her stroke and how she realised that, even though she faced her Creator, she still had an unfinished story to tell.

“You must take care of your body and mind, and always honour the people in your life as you never know when you will truly need them,” she said. “I had to write the book; it was part of my healing process.”

Praise singer, Jessica Mbangeni, ended the launch with her powerful voice, that left everyone present moved and inspired.

Join us for our next riveting Book Club meeting, where we discuss the powerful themes of the book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Till then, keep reading!

 Students could hardly contain their excitement  Yvonne signing her book for our student, 
Ntanganedzeni Muanalo
 Yvonne with our student, Dineo Mokoena
 Yvonne with our student, Lawrencia Mnisi
 Jessica Mbangeni, a professional poet, performer
and entertainer, left everyone in awe