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Language learning apps/websites that you need to know about

When learning a language these days, there are many online tools which can help you practice and create from the comfort of your computer, tablet and cell phone. It’s worth remembering that these apps can’t necessarily replace a teacher, but they can definitely help practice what you have learnt in the classroom. Please be aware that some of the tools listed here do have a pricing component.

The following apps have been organised in relation to Bloom’s taxonomy of learning. Bloom’s taxonomy is organised in terms of what a student wants to do (or a teacher wants you to learn) at various stages of learning. For example, at the first stage of learning about something or learning a new skill, a student should remember information that they’ve been exposed to.

Some apps which can help you practice how to remember words and concepts are:

  • http://www.cram.com/   here you can find banks of flash cards which have already been created for several languages including English
  • https://uk.babbel.com/  Here you can drill sentences after you are given a model to follow. There are several other exercises which practice the spelling of the words and phrases you learn.
  • http://en.linoit.com/  This allows you to create sticky notes for your computer/tablet/cell phone in order to remember words for yourself.
  • http://creately.com/  This helps you build charts and flowcharts among different people/students in real time. Great for classroom collaboration or homework.
  • http://ninjawords.com/  This is a really fast dictionary
  • Cobocards.com – more flash cards
Some apps which can help you to practice how to understand words and concepts are:
  • https://jeopardylabs.com/ Although Jeopardy is not a game we are very familiar with in South Africa the principle is quite simple. You are given the answer and you have to build the question. With this app you set the questions and the answers or use pre-designed ones.
  • https://bubbl.us/  – This app is used to create flow charts which can be used interactively.
  • http://johnlocker.com/   – this is more a source of information which is open to the public. These videos can be used as sources for comprehension and debate exercises.

Some apps which can help you to practice how to apply words and concepts are:
  • https://www.wolframalpha.com/  – This is a large website containing many interesting areas of information, not only about language learning. There are various look up facilities, blogs, games and puzzles.
  • https://www.gliffy.com/products/online/  – Another tool for making flow charts
  • https://www.scribblemaps.com  – This allows one to use the map of the world (plus boarders and cities ) as a resource in any way you want. Quizzes, games and presentations can all be imported to various formats once created.
Some apps which can help you to practice how to analyse words and concepts are:

Some apps which can help you to practice how to evaluate words and concepts are:

Some apps which can help you to practice how to create new concepts are:

We hope you find some of these useful so go ahead and explore!