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Our Students - Rhoda Malebye

I am driven by success and so my work ethic is unquestionable. I take pride in accomplishing impressive performance outputs.  To enhance my abilities, I attended the English for Marketing course. It was eye opening for me because I was able to learn the following:  new marketing concepts, the importance of a marketing plan, how to write a press release and the importance of digital marketing. I try by all means to apply everything I have learned on a daily basis, since part of my job is to cross-sell Wits Business School programmes. I definitely recommend Wits Language School because they run their courses across the board meticulously and professionally.    I am able to speak English correctly today because of Wits Language School. I was with them from February 2014 to October 2015.  I have managed to complete the following levels: Communicative Grammar, Business Writing, Report Writing and English for Marketing.