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Interested in teaching in Taiwan?

Taiwan is located in the Pacific Ocean only 160 kilometers (120 miles) from Mainland China and 580 kilometers (360 miles) northeast of Hong Kong. The island straddles the Tropic of Cancer. Taiwan is 394 kilometers (236 miles) long and 144 kilometers (86 miles) at its greatest width. The total area is a little larger than the combined states of Massachusetts and Connecticut, or about the size of Holland or Vancouver Island.

Taiwan's 23 million people consist of Han Chinese, Taiwanese, and nine different aboriginal groups speaking primarily Mandarin as well as Taiwanese and aboriginal dialects. It is a thriving mosaic of tradition, culture, and high-tech development, merging Eastern and Western influences. In this fusion of modernity and tradition, street markets sell fresh produce and vials of Chinese herbal medicine next to modern shopping malls, and big city lights can be viewed from small, rural villages through the mountain mist. Taiwan is exciting, convenient, interesting, and affordable.

A central mountain range runs the length of the main island of Taiwan, dividing it east and west and dominating two-thirds of the land surface. While the mountains descend steeply into the Pacific Ocean on the east coast, the highland levels off gradually on the western side. The terraced tablelands and alluvial coastal plains of the west coast are home to about 80 percent of Taiwan's population. Overlying the tropical and subtropical zones, Taiwan sports a tropical climate in the southern and western flatland and a temperate climate in the northland and the mountainous regions. Taiwan's location is also subject to annual typhoons, which pass through between the months of July and October. These typhoons consist of strong winds and heavy rain.

The hottest temperatures are in July and August, averaging 36 degrees Celsius (92 degrees Fahrenheit). January is the coolest month with temperatures averaging around 10 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit). The island remains humid throughout the year and receives abundant rainfall, with the east (upland) receiving more than the west (lowlands). Except in the northern region where rainfall is more even, the mean annual rainfall in other parts of the island ranges from 2.6 to 5 meters (102 to 200 inches). Some snow does fall on the summits of the central mountain range, but lowland Taiwan remains frost-free. 

For more information about Taiwan:
Welcome to Taiwan: http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/
Taiwan Fun: http://www.taiwanfun.com/ 
Taipei543: http://www.taipei543.com

Teaching in Taiwan

Working for HESS International Educational Group

Be more than a teacher. Be an inspiration!

Imagine life filled with fireworks, kung fu, red lanterns, karaoke, hot springs, pushcart vendors, tai chi, fried rice, cute kids, and students who want to learn. Now imagine enough income to take it all in! You can sample all this and more and still save money when you are teaching English in Taiwan.


HESS International Educational Group is the most recognized English school in Taiwan. We employ more than 600 native English-speaking teachers and have more than 30 years of experience working with people just like you. In addition to our competitive salary, we guarantee your teaching hours and offer regular raises and bonuses. We pick you up from the airport, provide complimentary hotel accommodation, and guide you through more than 70 hours of theory and practicum training before you teach. After completing your initial training, we help you find accommodation that suits you, whether it is with training-group friends or doing your own thing. We know getting started is tough, so if money is an issue when you arrive, we offer an interest-free start-up loan of up to NT$30,000 to help you get set up in Taiwan.

We have positions throughout Taiwan offering a variety of lifestyles and ensuring we can accommodate couples or friends who wish to live or work together. Our English Human Resources Department and Overseas Recruiting Managers are former HESS teachers who will walk you through your application, help you plan for your year in Taiwan, and assist with your pre-arrival documents. Once here, we organize all of your documentation for working legally at HESS.

Curricula and materials are provided, local co-teachers assist you in the classroom, and our foreign teacher-management structure provides ongoing living and teaching support. Successful teachers can choose to renew their yearly contracts or explore the opportunities for advancement (curriculum writing, management, training, marketing, and more!). 

Knowing how to speak Mandarin Chinese is not a necessity for Taiwan; you can get by with English and a little creativity. But if you wish, you can also study Mandarin while you work. There are many resources for studying Chinese, from formal university classes to casual coffee-shop language exchange.

Teaching overseas is an enriching experience that will make you stronger, wiser, and more diverse as a person and as a professional. At the end of the day, job satisfaction comes from being good at what you do; HESS provides the best training, environment, and materials, empowering you to excel at teaching. 
Visit http://www.hess.com.tw/en/ for more information.