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2nd Annual WLS Staff Awards 2014

The Wits Language School held its 2nd Annual Staff Awards on Wednesday, 26th November 2014 at the last All-School meeting for the year. This was to recognise those who stood out in the respective categories, as decided by their peers.

A survey was rolled out for staff to vote for their favourites in the 5 award categories.  

When it came to handing out the awards, the classic moments were the animated reactions from the award recipient’s when they learnt that they were receiving an award.

Below is a brief description of the award categories and the winners/recipients:
The Duct Tape Award went to the staff member who is ever so willing to assist and fix problems as they arise and the award went to Sithandekile Ncube.

We come across people who laugh in a way that you just cannot help but laugh with them even when we don’t know what the Joke is. Gwendolynn De Jager had that effect on most of us and hence making her score the Most infectious Laugh Award.

The Most Dependable Person Award went to the ever so humble, kind and reliable person – Senteni Nsibande. It is worth noting that Senteni has resigned and will not be part of the School in 2015. She will be missed

This year, unusually so, one person scored themselves two awards i.e. the Motho wa batho/People’s Person Award and the Service with a Smile Award. These awards went to Phiroane Maganyela. “Heh bana!” was his shocked expression when receiving his double awards.

Congratulations to the award recipients, they each won gift cards and certificates of recognition.

Below are photos of the winners posing with the School’s Acting Director:

Duct Tape Award (Willing and able to “fix” anything and everything): Sithandekile Ncube

Most Infectious Laugh Award: Gwendolynn De Jager

Motho wa batho/People’s Person Award: Phiroane Maganyela

Service with a Smile Award: Phiroane Maganyela – that is a smile of a double winner!

Most Dependable Person Award: Senteni Nsibande

From left: Gwendolynn, Senteni, Phiroane and Sithandekile.