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Wits Language School Africa day celebrations

By Mmabotsile Myeni

The courtyard of the Professional Development Hub, the premises of the Wits Language School, was a splash of colour when staff and students celebrated Africa Day on Friday the 23rd of May. Staff and students from all over the world showcased their traditional attire and shared the camaraderie of being “African” and the spirit of Ubuntu. There was a good mix of traditional foods – including maotoana (chicken feet) and bobotie; with music and dance performances to keep the guests entertained.

Entertainment on the day included a Gumboot dance routine by the group Royal Vibrations, as well as a Pantsula routine by The Untouchables.

The highlight of the day was a “cultures of the world” fashion showcase, which saw staff modelling their traditional wear, explaining their clothing and giving a few facts about their countries of origin. Countries represented included South Africa (Venda, Tsonga, Xhosa, Pedi, Ndebele and Zulu cultures), Scotland, Swaziland, Lesotho and India.

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