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Is the language of business a stumbling block for you?

By Dr Cate Almon

In South Africa, English has become an important language of business, as it has across the globe. Business people flock to Wits Language School (WLS) for English language courses and services that can help at every level. Alternatively, one can learn other languages or use our translation and interpreting services. Is there a course that you would benefit from?

Do you or the employees you work with need to improve their English?
Improving your English in the workplace can really improve your job performance. The English for Professional Development (EPD) programme at WLS is designed to meet the needs of South Africans whose first language is not English. Each module will assist participants to improve their ability to perform in all four language areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also offer advanced level modules in business English such as Advanced Business Writing, Report Writing and Presentation Skills. Wits Language School also offers executive language coaching for business executives. The programme’s experienced and highly qualified teachers will help participants advance their English skills which can increase their confidence and improve their employment prospects.

Has it been a long time since you’ve written an academic paper?
Brush up on your academic English skills for the MBA. Many pre-MBA students write in a report format which is not the appropriate style for academic research papers. The course blends real-world experience with academic excellence by having students acquire research and academic literacy skills as well as gain experience evaluating business case studies.

You might wish to learn a new language yourself or provide language instruction for your employees in languages such as French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish or Zulu. Perhaps you need translators or interpreters for documents or important intercultural meetings. WLS can provide services in these areas as well. You could even become an English teacher and start your own business with the benefit of a certificate from our language teacher education programme.

The bottom line is that WLS is an innovative resource for any business-related language solutions that respond to South Africa’s current needs.