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Development of African language learning resources for the mining sector

As we reported in our last newsletter, the LTE unit’s project team has been working on an exciting project with Gold Fields to develop general and workplace specific African language learning resources for the mining sector. These language learning resources are designed to supplement classroom learning and will benefit African language learners.

We have developed a visual dictionary, CD and DVD in isiZulu and Sesotho.
The visual dictionary comprises of two sections, a general language section and a workplace specific language section, which include approximately 20 sub-sections each. Each sub-section contains key vocabulary in Zulu and English or Sotho and English, as well as illustrations and a useful language box. Have a look at these sample pages from the Zulu visual dictionary.

The CD and DVD include 20 general language sections. The sections are arranged thematically and cover common topics that a language learner needs to learn. Each section begins with the presentation of key vocabulary and language linked to the topic and ends with a short skit in which the key vocabulary and grammar are demonstrated in an authentic environment. Have a look the contents of the CD and DVD.