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Reflections on Teaching English Abroad

Introduction to the Reflections on Teaching English Abroad Series

In 2010, South Africa will be welcoming people from around the world to watch the 2010 World Cup and to experience the fantastic places, people, food, activities, history and culture our country has to offer. This got us thinking about our own travels and teaching experiences in different nations and cultures across various countries around the globe and has lead us to create a series of articles in which we reflect on our English teaching experiences abroad. There are four articles in the series, which look at our experiences in Taiwan, China, the United Kingdom and Poland.

In the first article of the series, Georgina reflects on the two and a half years she spent teaching English to mainly young learners at a private language school in Taipei.  The second article deals with Georgina’s English teaching adventures in two cities in China. Thirdly, Haydn and Georgina recap on their highlights of teaching English in the United Kingdom. Finally, Haydn revisits his time spent as an English teacher in Poland in the last article in the series.

We hope that our Reflections on Teaching English Abroad series will offer you some insight into the great travel and teaching opportunities that are available to TESOL graduates and will help to inspire your own adventures.