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Diploma in Legal Interpreting - Course details

The interpreting short courses run for 8 weeks part-time. During the 8 weeks, participants must attend 8 days of face-to-face workshops, which follow one of the following formats:

  • 4x2-day workshops followed by the examination
  • 2x3-day workshops and 1x2-day workshop followed by the examination
  • Evening classes twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8pm) for 12 weeks followed by the examination (according to demand)

The 3 short courses in English run for 10 weeks part-time on Saturday mornings.

All candidates are required to sit a one-hour written English pre-assessment test to determine the starting level (NQF aligned) of each candidate in English. In addition to this, participants in all of the short courses have access to an online learning platform, Edmodo, during the entire teaching period. Edmodo is easy to use, allows students to work in their own time, and also helps to improve knowledge of the internet and email, which are important skills in the world of work.

Diploma in Legal Interpreting - Course certification

  • Students receive NQF level 5 certificates of competence for the individual short courses relating to interpreting: Introduction to Interpreting Skills, Liaison Interpreting in Specific Contexts, Intercultural Communication and Mentoring in the Workplace, Introduction to Legal Interpreting and Language refinement for Language Practitioners.
  • Attendance or competence certificates may be awarded for the three English courses depending on the student’s achievement.
  • After completing all 9 short courses successfully, a Diploma in Legal Interpreting will be awarded from the SASSETA.

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The Diploma in Legal Interpreting consists of 9 short courses.

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Schedule of Diploma short courses