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Study for a Diploma in Legal Interpreting from Wits Language School in Johannesburg

The Diploma in Legal Interpreting, which is accredited by SASSETA, is aimed at upgrading language practitioners’ skills in interpreting and thereby improving their career prospects. Qualifying students who pass the Diploma in Legal Interpreting will have access to an Honours degree in Translation or Interpreting at Wits, if they pass one postgraduate access short course, equivalent to 1 module of an Honours degree (either Principles and Practice of Translation or Principles and Practice of Interpreting).

The diploma is suitable for aspiring and professional court interpreters.

How is the Diploma in Legal Interpreting structured?

The programme consists of 9 short courses and a total of 247 credits, all of which are aligned to NQF Unit standards as set by SAQA. The programme may be taken in eighteen months to two years part-time or, in exceptional cases, one year full-time.

The nine short courses are as follows, and should be taken in the order shown. Click on the links to go the relevant course schedules.



1. Students are assessed individually for the English courses, and must follow three courses according to their level.

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The Diploma in Legal Interpreting consists of 9 short courses.

Please refer to relevant sections of the site for next course dates.

Schedule of Diploma short courses