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Specialised conference interpreting courses and workshops at Wits Language School in Johannesburg

So you’re interested in the glittering world of conference interpreting? You’ve heard about conference interpreting, but you’re not sure what it involves. Here is some advice to prospective conference interpreters by AIIC (International Association for Conference Interpreters). Conference interpreting is highly specialised, is very well paid, is carried out in the simultaneous mode and is generally carried out in an interpreting booth using equipment (except in the case of sign language interpreting). Conference interpreters should have very high-level language skills.

Wits Language School offers high-level, specialised training courses carefully tailored to the needs of experienced practising conference interpreters as well as those who would like to become conference interpreters in Africa and abroad in the near future.

Dr Olivier Flechais (AIIC, Cape Town) has joined forces with Wits Language School as course convenor to create a dynamic, adaptable interpretation programme which can benefit the most talented students and the most talented instructors. Dr Fléchais has invited top-class international trainers and AIIC interpreters Michèle Bo-Bramsen (AIIC, Copenhagen), Hans-Werner Muehle (AIIC, Strasbourg), Dr James Nolan (AIIC, Miami) and Veronica Pérez-Guarnieri (AIIC, Buenos Aires) to teach interpreting to date. 

Specialised conference interpreting courses

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