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Interpreting courses from Wits Language School in Johannesburg

Do you want a career as an interpreter? Are you fluent in two or more languages? Perhaps you’re already working or volunteering as an interpreter and want a formal qualification. Wits University is the only university in South Africa to provide interpreting training at all levels, from short course to PhD. No matter if you’re starting your career as an interpreter, or you want to get a qualification in legal interpreting to improve your career prospects, or you want to refine your interpreting or conference interpreting skills, we can assist you.

Interpreting courses are offered in 2 broad areas:

  • Diploma in Legal Interpreting , accredited by SASSETA, this diploma is aimed at upgrading language practitioners’ skills in interpreting and thereby improving their career prospects.
  • Conference interpreting is highly specialised, uses the simultaneous mode and is carried out in the booth (except in the case of sign language interpreting).

All these courses emphasise professional practice, skills enhancement and ethics. They will ensure that you have the skills to work effectively and professionally in a range of settings.

Contact us today and get started on a career in interpreting.