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TESOL via Blended Learning - Testimonials

'The Benefits of TESOL at Wits
I would like to thank the LTE team for the excellent work that you guys do at WLS. As a part of the professional development programme at my University, we have two full observations per semester. I have had great feedback from the observation team for both of my observations. In both cases I achieved the maximum grade available and in both cases the feedback was simply "don't change what you are doing", and the question always followed "Where did you get your training?"

In writing my lesson plans and aims sheets for these mandatory sessions, I followed the scheme and methods you taught us; and during feedback the comments have also focused on the detail of my plans and the high quality of the lesson content. So thanks to you guys - the TESOL programme at WLS is most definitely of an excellent standard and more than adequately prepares you for the market place - the necessity of eliciting, ICQ's and CCQ's etc etc etc is spot-on and the results show!'

TESOL Trainee

'Thank you once again for helping us along in our transformation from absolute novices into well equipped EFL teachers! TESOL has really been a life changing process for me and I would like to thank you for the part you played in it!'

TESOL Graduate

'I believe I have grown a lot as a teacher – all thanks to the content that was presented. The content was of a very high standard and varied.’

TESOL Trainee

'Just a note to say thank you very much indeed for what can only be described as a memorable and life changing experience. It has enriched my life in so many ways.'‘It’s a fantastic course!’

TESOL Trainee

'The trainers and observers were very helpful and gave awesome feedback. The class atmosphere was great! I think it’s because our trainer was well suited to what he does.’

TESOL Trainee

See A Successful TESOL Via Distance On-site Week.

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Kendal & Marco’s TESOL story