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Teaching Business English - Testimonials

'It has been a great pleasure for me to attend the Tesol course, Grammar Course as well as Business English. I can only re-iterate what I have stated before – your staff are fantastic, which I am sure is reflected in the results obtained by their students.'

TBE Trainee

'The TBE course was very valuable, more than I expected. I loved it! It has taught me to look at things from the student’s perspective and to consider what impact and influence I have on others. I now have a better understanding of what I need to be a good teacher.'

TBE Trainee

‘The trainer was excellent, exemplary, well-organised, motivating, knowledgeable, approachable and committed to her students.’

TBE Trainee

‘It’s definitely expanded my knowledge of language teaching in general.’

TBE Trainee

‘The course was definitely worth it. I enjoyed it a lot. I have learned so much but also realise that I have a lot to still learn.’

TBE Trainee