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Zulu - Testimonials

'I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. We have an excellent 2nd language teacher. She is always prepared and able to gauge the pace of the class. She has created a conducive learning environment. The facilities are excellent, always spotless and inviting. The café is an added advantage. '

Anne Joanides

'The course is practical and adds value. The teaching methodology is excellent. Our teacher has good teaching skills and adds a lot of value to the course. She has a lot of patience with her students and is a great ambassador for Wits. The course material is user friendly. I will definitely attend another course with her.'

Clinton Carelse

'The classes are enjoyable so you don’t realize that you are covering a lot of ground. I really feel like I am learning so much and understanding Zulu. '


'I enjoy the class environment. Great fun to learn as a group. The teacher is great - very approachable and makes the course fun. The pace is also good, enough time is given to absorb the learning. Overall, good value for money.'


'This is my first experience with Wits Language School, and I can assure you that it is a good one. I really enjoy the school, the facilities and the course. Zulu 1A is definitely a success for me. I waited a long time to find the possibility to study IsiZulu and I am so happy this works out fine. The teacher is very professional.'

Marie-Paule Vogelaere

'I really like the classes – our teacher is very patient and fun and the content seems very useful and relevant. The communication with the Language School is superb. It is quick to get questions answered. It really makes the whole process easy when emails are answered so soon and helpfully.'

Tony D.

'The facilities at the language school are excellent. The teacher is amazing. She makes everyone relax enough to feel free to participate. I am completely amazed by how much I’ve learned and how confident I feel about the language. '