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Spanish - Testimonials

'The course is structured at a reasonable pace with sufficient resources provided. The teacher is both knowledgeable and considerate. He is thorough in his explanations and uses various means to teach which prove very helpful. I highly recommend this course – Antonio is a brilliant teacher!'


'The Spanish class is something I look forward to each week. The class is presented in a very enjoyable manner and the movies, tutorial videos and other interactive activities add to a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience. '


'Wits Language School has been very helpful in providing information about courses and registration. The teacher is very helpful, knowledgeable and creates a fun atmosphere and learning experience. So far I have enjoyed all the lessons and enjoy watching videos and movies. Overall I have enjoyed my experience at WLS and would plan to return for the next Spanish course. '


'My general impressions are of high class tuition in a friendly environment. There is a good mix of textual and audiovisual presentation.'


'Taking the first Spanish course has really helped me get a basic understanding of the language. It will take more time to completely learn the language but this is a good start. Antonio is a great teacher and always helps out and explains patiently where something is not understood. I definitely plan to continue next year. Thanks for all the effort! '


'I am enjoying the class and have learnt quite a bit about the basics of the language so far. The level that we started at was good because it assumed that we did not know anything. This gave us the opportunity to start on a clear slate. We have learnt about various topics including family, numbers, time and very conjugation – all of which will help in real-life situations. Having classes on a Saturday is a great idea! '


'The course material is well suited to the beginner’s level, and the interaction in the class provides lots of opportunity to practise speaking. The teacher gets on well with everyone and so creates and comfortable learning environment. The different modes of learning also add great variety to the class. It has therefore been a good learning experience and the only complaint I have is waking up early on a Saturday.'


'The course is well structured and includes a fair mix of theory and practical exercises. I’m finding it very enjoyable to learn in a friendly and fun environment. The teacher also willingly shares his experiences with us which gives us a little insight into his culture. I’m definitely looking forward to taking the next level of the course.'


'I have thoroughly enjoyed the Spanish courses that I have taken so far at Wits Language School. Because the foundation in the first few classes is excellent, it’s easy to follow, interpret and construct Spanish sentences. I would definitely want to continue with this course.'