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Learn to speak Spanish at Wits Language School in Johannesburg

Wits Language School offers part-time courses in Spanish.  Spanish pronunciation varies from country to country and even within Spain itself. At Wits Language School we teach standard Spanish pronunciation. This is understood everywhere, including South America. Learning standard Spanish pronunciation also gives you a base from which to learn more localised versions of Spanish.

Our courses are aimed at adults and focus on language that you can use in everyday conversation. The best way to learn Spanishis through speaking. Our teaching style is interactive, making learning easier, faster and fun! We offer courses to individuals, companies and government; in group sessions or as private tuition.

Contact Us today and learn to speak Spanish!

Why Learn Spanish ?

Those students learning to speak Spanish have been drawn to the language by business, travel and culture. In many cases, these students work for companies linked to Spanish-speaking countries, and so need to interact with Spanish speakers who have little English.

The lure of travel to Spanish-speaking countries creates a strong attraction – places such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Spain. Many aspects of the culture also provide a strong appeal, including the music (salsa), the food (tacos, paella, quesadillas, pisco, margaritas and tequila), the painters (Picasso and Frida Kahlo), as well as directors and actors such as Almodovar and Antonio Banderas. Learning the language of course opens all sorts of doors to this vibrant and colourful world.

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world. Did you know if you speak Spanish you can communicate with nearly 500 million people? In an age of increased global communication and travel it's no surprise that Spanish is one of the most popular additional or “foreign” languages being studied as having a basic knowledge of Spanish is a great help when travelling abroad.

Whether you are learning Spanish to enhance your career, for travel purposes or for personal enrichment, Wits Language School is your language school of choice. Contact us today and learn to speak Spanish!

 Learn to speak Spanish