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South African Sign Language (SASL) - Course details

All South African Sign Language courses are coordinated by a Deaf person, who organises and manages the course, and facilitates communication and training of the Deaf Sign Language Instructors.
The aim of the sign language course is to teach learners to communicate and understand Deaf and Hard of Hearing people through the use of Sign Language.

SASL - Practical sign language

Using South African Sign Language students will be able to:
  • inform and explain about simple arrangements and processes; 
  • deliver a monologue for a known audience on a familiar topic;
  • give and ask for directions to places and locations;
  • perform everyday communicative tasks;
  • make complex arrangements with Deaf individuals and groups of Deaf people;
  • deliver a variety of prepared presentations and answer questions related to an unfamiliar event or topic;
  • recount a signed conversation on a simple topic;
  • hold conversations with Deaf individuals and groups of Deaf people on an unfamiliar topic.

SASL - Theory

You will learn the theory of sign language including:
  • A Deaf teacher (through a South African Sign Language interpreter) will introduce the participants to the deaf culture and community in South Africa. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Students will be introduced to the theory of Sign Language and Deaf Culture and the needs of the Deaf Community.
  • Discussions and demonstrations on policy and the impact on the Deaf person in terms of socio-emotional, educational and career opportunities.

SASL - Certification

An assessment is required to receive your certification:
  • Students will be assessed on signing skills including both receptive and expressive languages.
  • Students will be informed at the beginning of the course on how they will be assessed. They will be given advice on how to improve their skills in cultural appearance of conduct, production and language (grammatical features and vocabulary).
Contact us for more information on South African Sign Language Courses.

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