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Learn to speak Portuguese at Wits Language School in Johannesburg

Wits Language School offers part-time courses in Portuguese. Following the growing need to improve contact with Mozambique and Angola, Portuguese is fast becoming an essential tool in the Southern African region. As a result, many people are now learning Portuguese at Wits Language School for business reasons. As South Africa increases its trade and cultural contacts with Brazil, Angola and Mozambique, where Portuguese is an official language, the demand for people with a working knowledge of Portuguese has grown exponentially.

Our courses are aimed at adults and focus on language that you can use in everyday conversation. The best way to learn Portuguese is through speaking. Our teaching style is interactive, making learning easier, faster and fun! We offer courses to individuals, companies and government; in group sessions or as private tuition.

Contact Us today and learn to speak Portuguese!

Why Learn Portuguese?

Improved business opportunity is not the only reason you should learn to speak Portuguese. Perhaps you have family that is Portuguese speaking and you want to improve or even learn to speak Portuguese formally for the first time. Many of our students can speak Portuguese, but require assistance with writing and correct grammar usage.

If you have studied or spoken Portuguese in the past and now wish to improve your speaking ability we will assess your competence so as to place you in the level best suited to your language ability.

Contact us today and learn to speak Portuguese.

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