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Learn to speak another language


Due to a number of requests for German, we will be running a course from 7 April to 23 June on Saturday mornings from 08h00 to 12h00.

Ahlan ... Salam wa aleikum ... Konnichiwa ... Ohaiyou Gozaimasu ... Konbanwa ... Ciao ... Buon Giorno ... Hallo ... Guten Tag ... Goeie more ... Goeie dag ... Dumela Dumelang

Greetings! At Wits Language School we aim to please and to cater for everyone. For this reason we have broadened the base of languages that we offer. While our ‘standard’ languages – French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Zulu – are in constant demand and so are offered as public courses on a regular basis throughout the year, we’ve now developed a few ‘special’ courses that will be offered according to demand. This has been done in response to fairly frequent requests for the following languages:

  • Afrikaans
  • German
  • Sesotho
  • Setswana

Our courses are aimed at adults and focus on language that you can use in everyday conversation. The best way to learn any language is through speaking. Our teaching style is interactive, making learning easier, faster and fun! We offer courses to individuals, companies and government; in group sessions or as private tuition. Contact Us today and learn to speak another language!

Learn another language

Next courses

Start: 07 April 
End: 23 June
When: Saturday morning
Times: 08h00 - 12h00

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