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Mandarin - Testimonials

'The Mandarin courses at Wits Language School are of extremely high quality. I have been pleasantly surprised by the ability of our Mandarin teacher to communicate complex concepts in a very simple manner. Our classes’ rate of internalizing the concepts rises with each lesson. I believe this is solely because of the Mandarin teacher’s teaching style. I highly recommend that all prospective students do the Mandarin course through WLS. It is worth way more than the cost. '

Lébohang Poonyané

'I think the school as a whole is well presented – the facilities are excellent, the course is well structured and the fees are competitive. The level of teaching is excellent. The teacher provides good levels of interaction and feedback to aid learning. The class environment is good at promoting shared value and learning amongst students.'

Kean Purvis

'Wits Language School has given me the opportunity to learn a new language that I’ve never been exposed to, and the pace, content and timing allow me to learn Mandarin in a manner that is easy and enjoyable. The fact that the teacher is a native Mandarin speaker also makes a vast difference. '


'The Mandarin course offered at the Wits Language School is of high quality, combining written and verbal components. I selected the course in order to assist me with my frequent visits to China. The teaching methodology is interactive, allowing us to obtain basic skills both in writing and speaking. The teacher is fantastic and the course content is good. '