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English as a Foreign Language - Testimonials

Testimonials from level 4 students More testimonials
'Regarding the Wits Language School, I might say that it’s an organised school because they have a look on everything. Here we can say the way they are doing theirs jobs, the teachers are always there with many kinds of activities to help students learning and improving their English lessons. For example we can say the afternoon .activities which include everytime different kind of activities, movies, speaking, vocabularies, conversations and so on….'


' I think, all the course in Wits are really good for me. All of the level I did, was taught with the best teachers, and each level arerent the same like classroom, afternoon activities, so we can see all the time the new things happen.'


'I think, Wits Language School the first one in Joburg. There are many good teachers in the school. all teachers are very good at teaching. They are speaking very clear, it’s very good, because we have understand them also, Heidi good at in activities.
I think, Wits language school teaching us general English. I think, I will earn grammer, and will able to listening, understanding, but I won’t able to about speaking. Because there are too much Turkish in my class.it’s my handicap.
Trish Cooper is excellent P.A she always help us. I am enjoying about my course. Because when I came here, I couldn’t understand,speak and I didn’t know anything about grammar. Thanks all of the teachers and staff.'


'I really like Wits language school because: lessons are going very well I’ve been studied different language school before it was bad I could’nt understand hundred person but in Wits language school I can understand handred person and teacher is most important for language school.if teacher can’t explain very well you can’t learn quick Carla is teaching very well. I know another teacher also are teaching very well.
I have been studying Wits language school for 1 mont I can see my self getting better than before also I’m enjoying at the lesson. When I was in other Language school I was’nt enjoying it was borring. Thank you so much Wits Language School
The school is very good, I really like teachers because they lavishes thie course with much love, I like also the afternoon activity, because it allow me to improve my English and I can meet an other students. The school is important to me for my parming before to start my career, I love the food festival where each student bring their country food and they eat together, there are also prices for the most funniest, the most enthusiasm and the most work-hard, its very interesting.'


'I like here’s environment It’s very quiet and near my house. Near our buiding, has a tuo shops, the are very nice. Teachers are kindly and experienced.I like learning a new language because it’s a challenge for myself in listening, reading, writing and speaking.
I’m 57 years old and my mother tongue is French. The Wits Language school offers a lot of possibilities in every field. The lessons are interesting and funny. You can play with the languages. The most important think to improve a language is speaking and here it’s one of the most practicated activity. In the morning there are the lessons and in the afternoon you can attend the activieties (speaking,writing, listening…).
The teacher are very willing for every kind of question about the language and very qualified.Through your language course you can do sports and go to study in the library. About this school I like all the teachers that I had and I have at the moment. Likewise I like my classmates, the conditions of school; and all the people that work here because they are very friendly with me.
In forms of good thinks about wits language school, I like the teachers and the way that they teach us. I like also the afternoon activities because they help us on listening, readings and to speak English. This is a wonderful school for me, because I enjoy studying here. I ;like schoolmates here, because they are very friendly. I I like teachers here. Learning English is more interesting because of them. I also like the atmosphere of speaking English. I can speak English with friends and make new friends during break. I feel that my English is improving.'


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