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English as a Foreign Language - Testimonials

Testimonials from level 2 students More testimonials
'Wits language school very well and different place.wits has a lot of different people. Why did I choose Wits? Because different cultural, different places different languages, different friend’s and learning English. Wits have a lot of different classes, different level’s and a lot of activity.'

Mehmet Akif Dikicibasi

'I always, I thing to speak English. And the first day in Wits Language school, this day was amazing because I will can see the people lovely English. In Wits language school, I like their activities and the teachers are friendly and lovely,the classroom are beautiful and can I have many friend the different countries.'

Joos Mbala

'In Wits language, I like many things. I meet different people fromd , different contries, I like the teaching, the books. The class is small but the number of people is very good. In conclusion, Wits language is veay good for learning English.'


'I like to meet people of different culture. Is necessary for me to learn English because my husband is American, he talks English and very quick we will move to the United States.
I think is a new experience and this enrich my life. I loves share with people of different races. I like the method for teach us. I like in my class there are just nine student and we can to learn very much. I like help with the books and activities in the afternoon. '

Claudia Patricia Cardeno Bedoya

Mike Makina

Member of EduSA

EduSA - the national association of quality English language centres in South Africa. Members of EduSA must meet guaranteed minimum standards of professionalism and quality.

SAYTC - the South African Youth Travel Confederation. SAYTC markets South Africa globally as a preferred youth tourism destination. All members are accredited and must follow SAYTC guidelines.