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Editing for Professionals - Course details

Editing for Professionals is targeted at professionals and those with fewer than five years’ editing experience. Students register online and start learning from day one, when they complete a few “warm-up” exercises on Edmodo, a “social learning platform” website which is marketed as the “Facebook for learning” and is just as easy to use. This is followed by a master class over three days and then two days the following week. Students complete two assignments and after the course they write a three-hour exam from home or work and submit it on-line or via email.

The intensive course has a strong focus on plain English and covers:

  • the role of the editor
  • the trials of being an editor
  • copy editing
  • stylistic editing
  • smoothing
  • structural editing
  • levels of editing
  • the difference between editing and proofreading
  • house style
  • how to mark up a text
  • working with readability formulae

The course comprises scores of exercises such as where students work in pairs, alone and in groups. Although students work hard they also have fun. Particular points of grammar raised by individuals in the group are also covered.

WLS reserves the right to postpone or cancel a course due to insufficient course participation. Please check our website for any changes in course dates.

Editing for Professionals - Admission requirements

Editing for Professionals is an undergraduate course and requires proficiency in English only.

Students must pass an aptitude test in order to gain admission to the course. A certificate of competence will be awarded upon successful completion.