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Computer Literacy and Basic Editing - Course details

This course is practical in nature and focusses on the practical execution of tasks. In order to maximize the learners’ Learning opportunities, Learners will also have access to supervised “Free practice time” During this time, no specific tasks for assessment are set and learners are encouraged to explore elements and functions of personal computing relevant to their own needs. A trainer is present during this time to address specific needs as they arise.

After successful completion of this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Identify the different components of a computer
  • Use a keyboard and mouse comfortably
  • Perform key functions like copy, cut and paste
  • Organise files and folders on a personal computer
  • Create a variety of professional documents
  • Use shortcuts to work more efficiently
  • Do basic word-processing in MS Word
  • Use basic proofreading tools in MS Word
  • Perform basic calculations in MS Excel
  • Safely perform online searches.

Computer Literacy and Basic Editing - Admission

Editing for Professionals is an undergraduate course and requires proficiency in English only.

Students must pass an aptitude test in order to gain admission to the course. A certificate of competence will be awarded upon successful completion.