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Be successful in your postgraduate studies with the English for Postgraduate Study course

This course introduces students with a bachelor’s or an honour’s degree to studying for a post-graduate degree in the medium of English. The course, aimed at those students whose first language is not English, hones knowledge and functionality in English in order to equip learners with the expertise needed to succeed in their field of study. The course is aligned to GRE (Graduates Record Examination) assessment criteria, a US originated and internationally recognised exam that determines readiness for assessing reading, writing and analytical skills needed for postgraduate study.

Some highlights of the course include the following:

  • Critical research skills such as structure and ethics
  • Working with supervisors
  • Developing an academic voice of authority
  • Editing your own work for common errors

Assessment will be on-going for the duration of the course and a portfolio of work will be submitted which includes evidence of students’ work and progress. This portfolio is worth 60% of the final mark. The final assessment is worth 40% and assesses listening, speaking and the grammar and content within the course. In order to obtain a certificate of attendance, at least 80% of the course must be attended. Each learner will receive a report after the course, detailing progress made.

The course consists of 40 contact hours and is aligned to NQF Level 8.


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