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English for Professional Development - Testimonials

The Importance of clear communication

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is fast-paced and requires that you express yourself and communicate clearly to ensure that work is carried out efficiently and effectively.

I work with ad agencies day in and day out and I am required to write briefs, sit in meetings and debrief where necessary, therefore it is very important to be clear and write inspiring briefs in English the first time when briefing as this saves time and money.

Being proficient in English enables you to express yourself and communicate to the leadership whether by email or verbally.
You never stop learning, so I recommend the English for Professional and Academic Development programme as it is a future asset in the corporate world as you engage, debate and drive the company’s key strategic imperatives.

Mikaele Kgatlhane

I have benefited so much from this course and I also want to let you know our lecturer is brilliant. I actually looked forward to attending classes every Saturday and a bit sad that our course has come to an end. The lecturer has made it so easy for us to stand in front of an audience (nerves will still be there, I guess) but at least, we have been given the skills to deal with that. The lecturer made sure that everyone in class participated and he is very passionate about what he does. He also went out of his way to provide us with more information relating to presentation skills.


EPD Book Club

I really enjoyed the discussions; it was so fascinating to see how people can have different views on one book. The most exciting part was when we debated about our differences and understanding of the book. I hope there will be more sessions going forward. This will encourage more people to read as reading is now a thing of the past. People are more into tweeting/internet/cellphone etc….

I love reading. My house is full of books and that’s where I get my wisdom and knowledge.

Patience Nhlapo

We all want some measure of success in life. The English language school has helped me learn the importance of brainstorming, which I now implement when I have a project at work and I have to write a report.

I didn’t know how to write a proper, sound report step by step but my manager tells me how proud he is of me. I think it’s because of what I was taught at Wits Language School.

I have been chosen to be a speaker for different women’s seminars and I wondered how come. The first one that I did I was able to stand and look at my audience, 100 to 120 people, and I was told I was very clear with what I was presenting to them.

Knowing myself and that I am shy, especially when I am around a lot of people, my voice just vanishes. The English for Presentations course has done wonders for me. I feel I will be the best in our department; it is my first time I am exposed to presenting. I never thought I will have the chance of presenting as it is always done by my manager only.

At my age I wish I can rewind the years because Wits Language School has brought so much joy in my heart. I’ve always wanted to know how to speak and write something sound when writing reports as my job requires a lot of report writing.

I look forward to learning more.


Khosi Mashile

I was just appointed as an assistant manager at work and received a cash bonus. My supervisor has noticed improvement in my work as a result they are planning to send one of my colleagues to Wits for language improvement.

Keep up the good work.>