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English for Professional Development - Bonus activities

These activities take place on five afternoons per intake after classes on Saturday from 13h30-15h30. They are optional and come at no extra charge.

Syndicate Group Meetings

The aim of the meetings is to provide students with more opportunities to interact in English. The activities are centred around business. Syndicate Group meetings give you the chance to engage in strategies for problem solving, debates, discussions, decision making, presenting and justifying opinions and presenting proposals. Thus, the focus is largely on reading comprehension and speaking fluency.

Scrabble Meet

Scrabble is a classic board game, which is not only fun to play, but also acts as a great educational tool. It helps increase vocabulary, teaches spelling skills and problem solving skills and enhances mathematical skills.

Grammar Q & A

Grammar Q&A is an excellent opportunity for all students to clarify any grammar issues they may have. Students can bring any grammar question to the session and the facilitator will explain the grammar point, when it is used, give examples of it and provide students with an opportunity to practise it.