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Corporate Language Training from WIts Language School in Johannesburg

Developing your Future

Working in the global market means having globally literate staff. As companies develop their local and overseas markets they need to ensure that their staff are capable of meeting the challenges of conducting business. While our corporate training focuses on individuals, our aim is to develop the overall capacity of the corporate world’s number one asset – its staff. By targeting individual skill deficiencies, upskilling new graduates and reskilling existing staff, we can help you to address the future needs of your business and stay ahead of the pack.

Building Capacity

Our corporate training provides English communication skills that can be applied to real world workplaces. Participants develop global leadership skills and competencies that enable them to lead development and expansion into local and overseas markets. They also develop cross-cultural understanding, diversity in thinking and the ability to adapt to different work environments.

Effective communication strengthens the connections between a company and all of its stakeholders and benefits businesses in numerous ways:

  • stronger decision making and faster problem solving
  • increased productivity and steadier workflow
  • stronger business relationships
  • clearer and more persuasive marketing messages
  • enhanced professional images for both employers and companies
  • lower employee turnover and higher employee satisfaction
  • better financial results and higher return for investors

Take the Lead

Contact us now to discuss how we can meet your organisation’s needs: wls@wits.ac.za or 011 717 4206.