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/Anne-Louise De Wit

Lambrine Pavlou – LTE Course Coordinator

Lambrine Pavlou has a Bachelor of Commerce (Majors: Marketing and Psychology) and an Honours degree in Psychology from Wits University. She completed her Masters of Education (specialising in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Sydney in Australia. She completed the CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) and is a qualified language instructor. Lambrine has over twelve years’ teaching experience and has taught English to both adults and children in Greece and South Africa. She believes that language is knowledge and it shapes the way we think and communicate. Her areas of interest include second language acquisition, bilingualism, identity and language education.
Sarah Coutts

Sarah Coutts – LTE Trainer

Sarah has taught English as a first, second and foreign language both locally and abroad since 2003. She obtained her MPhil in Second Language Acquisition from Stellenbosch University before going to South Korea in 2010 where she subsequently completed a CELTA. While in Korea, she was regularly invited to train other in-service and pre-service EFL teachers, which then led to a full-time position as a teacher trainer in Seoul. In addition to teacher training, Sarah was involved in creating and editing test content for Korean national tests and TOEIC, and is a certified examiner for the IELTS speaking component. She is passionate about language in general, and enthusiastic about assisting in-service teachers as much as pre-service teachers.
Diane Dowejko

David Steyn – LTE Trainer

David has been working in education since 2008. David has a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from the University of Pretoria and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Stellenbosch. He completed his Cambridge CELTA and obtained his MA TESOL from the University of Nottingham. He taught in the public school sector in South Africa, before moving to Korea to teach EFL. Whilst there, he also trained in-service English teachers from South Korea, Russia, Japan and Thailand. David was the head of an English Language programme at a private university in South Africa before joining the Wits Language School team. He has a passion for EFL, especially with training pre-service and in-service language teachers. 

Robyn Greig

Robyn Greig – LTE Trainer

Robyn Greig has a BA degree in Language Practitioning and a postgraduate honours degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Johannesburg. She obtained the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate from Wits Language School in 2012 and is a qualified English facilitator. Robyn has over seven years of  experience in EFL English, business English and academic English across private and public sectors, teaching both adults and children in France and South Africa. She is extremely passionate about EFL teaching and is enthusiastic about pre-service teacher development through mentorship. 

Robyn Greig

James Pillay – LTE Trainer

James has been in the ESL field since 2002, when he first moved to Seoul, South Korea. During his time there, he taught every age group ranging from kindergarten through to senior citizens. He was a senior teacher, parent – teacher liaison and teacher trainer during his teaching career in South Korea. After South Korea, James spent two and a half years teaching in Saudi Arabia. He taught students in the Medical and Engineering faculties who were in the Preparatory Year English Program. He was an academic supervisor and head teacher and was also responsible for the English Club, which ran outside of school hours. In 2017, James returned to Durban where he taught grammar and conversation to professionals. He has a BA in Philosophy and Cultural and Heritage Tourism, and a CELTA. He has a genuine concern for students and understanding their cultural backgrounds. James is interested in training in second language techniques and approaches.